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E-book Manual is source of Automotive repair information and solutions for mechanic or professional Automotive service industry. Thousands of professional repair shops must be depend on Manual for service & repair information. For all convenient and solution we provide the data manual in E-book to removal, disassembly, inspection, adjustment, reassembly and installation and many more thousands of work in Automotive industry and increase mechanic or technician efficiency and build customer loyalty as you accurately and efficiently repair

The Manual's

This Workshop Manual contains procedures for removal, disassembly, inspection, adjustment, reassembly and installation, etc for service mechanics.
All information, illustrations and product descriptions contained in this manual are current as at the time of publication. We, however, reserve the right to make changes at any time without prior notice or obligation.


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Contain electronic Automotive learning  for student in Automotive Industry.


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Software for Workshop Management, Data manual and etc


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Latest Manual


Workshops Manual for Toyota YARIS. engine overhauling, fuel system, chassis system....

Workshop Manual


  Proton SAVVY (Renault Tech)

Workshops Manual for Proton SAVVY, engine overhauling, MPI system, gear box overhauling (AMT)electrical system....



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Proton Savvy


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