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Welcome to dzautotech Store


Product Name   Price(MYR)
Combination Wrench Force 12 Pcs    129.00     
Now 70.00
 RM 20.00 for shipping
Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set (KING TOYO)    249.90   
Now 180.00
 RM 20.00 for shipping
Pocket Test Thermometer - Analogue    29.90     
Now 15.00
Comlock piston-ring tool    79.90   
Now 49.00
V-k piston ring compressor    89.90   
Now 50.00
Force 20 pcs feeler gauge    39.90   
Now 15.00
Jtc auto link - electrical circuit tester    19.90   
Now 15.00
Fast Idler Control Device (FICD)    70.00   
Now 50.00
NEW ON A BOX Carburetor Perodua Kancil 850EX

Assy Taiwan
Now 565.00
 RM 30.00 for shipping





Now 1469.00
 RM 30.00 for shipping





Proton Perdana Original Reflector    70.00   
Now 40.00
Proton Perdana Original Tail Lamp L&R    80.00   
Now 50.00


Payment methods:

    1. For buy with credit card just choose and click    button at the end of price list in
        Product Item Number
or click the the PayPal link down here first and signup now before make  

 Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



Or if you are comfortable with the way money transfer fee, please select one of the accounts below;

Online payments, to confirm the transaction please specify the Product Item detail, address (must valid to receive the goods), Name of Bank, Total of transaction, Date&hour of transaction and send to After payment is confirmed we will contact you immediately.

Maybank Account Number:

Acc. Holder Name  : DZULKIFLEE

Acc. Number         : 152068638890


Bank Islam Account Number:

Acc. Holder Name  : DZULKIFLEE

Acc. Number         : 02039020168377


CIMB Bank  Account Number:

Acc. Holder Name  : DZULKIFLEE

Acc. Number         : 02110042053522


After payment verified, you will receive the mail to verified the product and your contact address from system admin. If any other problem about your payment, system admin will contact you.
Or you will reach us at:

Shipping :

     The valid address must complete in order for the smooth delivery.

You will be notified immediately after your payment confirmed.